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10 Essential Must Have Electrical Tools

  • By Build it
  • •  Feb 18, 2022

Every Electrician knows, that Electrical work cannot be done without the right tools, and that there are 10 Essential Must Have Electrical Tools that will be needed, in order to get the job done safely.

Build it caters to all your electrical requirements with both industrial and domestic products available. They carry a wide range of lighting products, batteries, electrical DIY, and any electrical products that they do not stock can be sourced for you through their suppliers.

The Build it online store has over 300 "house brands" available, great quality at great prices! All the Hardware and Tools you need, everything to make home building simple!

Lineman Pliers

The Lineman's pliers have narrow, tapered jaws similar to long-nose pliers, used to grip, twist, straighten, cut and pull wire. They have angular edges on the outside edge of the jaws that are designed to ream down ridges and burs on the inside lip of cut pipes.

As with wire cutters there are many types of pliers available, slip-joint, water-pump, locking and needle-nose to name a few. Whatever type of pliers you need, build it online store will have one that you need to get the job done.

Wire Stripper 

Wire strippers are an important tool to have in any toolbox, they are plier-like tools used to remove the insulating outer sheath from cables in order to attach terminals or connectors to the central core via crimping or soldering.

There are many types of wire strippers available on the market, Adjustable Strippers combine stripping with crimping while the Sheath Stripper uses a rotary action and produce a neat ring cut.

Whatever your Wire Stripping requirements, Build it Online Store, has a wire stripper for you!

Wire Cutters

Wire strippers as we mentioned above, are best used for removing the insulation from wire, while wire cutters are best suited for cutting the actual wire.

The ideal choice for electricians would be the fully insulated models which are suitable for use with high voltage wiring, electrical equipment and environments high in electrostatic discharge. Wire cutters are probably one of the most essential tools, in any electrician’s tool box.

Crimping Tools

No ladies, this one is not for your hair!

Crimping tools are used by electricians, to join materials or components by pressing them together and creating a seal or crimp. They resemble a traditional pair of pliers, with clamps with a ridge on one side and a notch on the other, they are commonly used in the attachment of connectors to the end of electrical cables.

Voltage Tester

Voltage testers also known as multi-meters’, are handheld devices used to test whether there is a live current present in a particular location, when checking cabling, switches, junction boxes or similar equipment.

These voltage testers are available in various makes and models, for safety purposes every electrician should own one, or you could be in for a hair-raising experience when cutting those electrical wires.

Torpedo Level

Most torpedo levels are tapered or torpedo-shaped, they have been designed to be used in tight spaces, such a handy tool to have. Torpedo levels are easy to carry on you at all times, because of their smaller design, you can keep them in any tool pouch, bag, box, or they can be hung from pipes or conduit to free up your hands. 

Socket and Hex Drivers 

Electronics projects have a different need, so with the regular socket kit, you need to own an electronics special socket driver kit. 

These sets are primarily used for tightening or loosening a wide selection of fastener sizes and types, ideal for assembly and servicing of small precision mechanisms associated with electrical, electronic, ignition and refrigeration work. 

Dies and Taps:

Dies and Taps are used to create screw threads, some sets are used as cutting tools, and others to form the threads. Taps cut or form the female of a mating pair or nut, while the die cuts or forms the male, or bolt. Tapping is the tap-process of cutting or forming threads, and the die-process is called threading.

Insulation Tape

Insulating tape also known as Electrical tape or thermal insulation, is a safety tape used to cover and insulate a broad range of cables, wires and other materials that conduct electricity. 

Insulation tape is widely used in workplace and home settings on exposed electrical wires, because of its low conductivity and durability to wear and tear over time. I would be willing to bet, that every home has a roll of this tape, in a drawer somewhere😉

Small Hand Saws

The small handsaw is a traditional tool that does not rely on any type of power, it can cut small shapes in traced-out drywall, plywood and wood. I call it the “Eskom Saw”, perfect for loadshedding! Although these saws are widely used, it is the band saw this is mostly used by electricians to cut conduit, threaded rod, strut or other materials. 

Portable cordless band saws are small and easier to handle when in tight spaces, but it never hurts to have a traditional back up “hand saw”, in the bottom of your toolbox. So, there you have it, our 10 Essential Must Have Electrical Tools for your toolbox. Build it Online store has all these items and more!

Build it Online store, Gansbaai/Hermanus offers Free local delivery, supplying the Overstrand area with building materials, do-it-yourself home improvement tools, and expert advice.

Shop online or visit us instore at Build it Gansbaai or Hermanus, your local building materials partner, helping you make home building simple! 

Build it is a division of the SPAR Group Limited South Africa. A voluntary trading group of individually owned retail stores with more than 10 000 employees across the group, we currently have stores in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique with plans to expand into Botswana and Zambia in the near future. We view ourselves not only as a supplier of materials, but as a partner to our valued customers in accomplishing their building or renovating projects.



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