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Saw Stanley 3 in 1Saw Stanley 3 in 1
Level Multi Functional 1000mmLevel Multi Functional 1000mm
Level Torpedo Magnetic 225mmLevel Torpedo Magnetic 225mm
Pin Nails 14mm Staple Gun - BS7630Pin Nails 14mm Staple Gun - BS7630
Bowsaw Blade BI 750mmBowsaw Blade BI 750mm
F-Clamp 50mm x 200mmF-Clamp 50mm x 200mm
Aluminium Plastering HawkAluminium Plastering Hawk
Trowel Rhinolite 280mmTrowel Rhinolite 280mm
Float Wooden Plastering 280mmFloat Wooden Plastering 280mm
Trowel Corner O/C 150mm BITrowel Corner O/C 150mm BI
Backsaw Professional BI 550mmBacksaw Professional BI 550mm
Backsaw Professional BI 300mmBacksaw Professional BI 300mm
Hacksaw Frame DIYHacksaw Frame DIY
Hacksaw Junior BIHacksaw Junior BI
Waterpump Pliers Heavy Duty 250mmWaterpump Pliers Heavy Duty 250mm
Glue Gun With 3 Pin SA Plug 30WGlue Gun With 3 Pin SA Plug 30W
Steel File Flat 200mmSteel File Flat 200mm
Spreader Clamps 2 Piece 60 x 150mmSpreader Clamps 2 Piece 60 x 150mm

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